Friday, April 23, 2010


Friday, April 23, 2010

Tomorrow is race day...GAME ON!! I'll be running the Get In Get 10K, which is no big deal. 6.2 miles is a easy run considering I've been training for a 1/2 marathon, the first of which will take place next weekend. Running in a "real race" always make me a little nervous for some reason, so hopefully I will work out the jitters in this 10K before I set my sights on 13.1 miles next weekend.

Dig this...the weather has been lovely all week, but tonight it's supposed to start raining and carry right on through Saturday (race day). Y'all I do NOT run in the rain!! Now if I'm running and it starts to rain that's one thing but to lace-up and head out in the rain to run on purpose is NOT my idea of fun! Now I gonna run the race cuz I paid my money and I'm cheap like that, but dear baby Jesus could you please have a chit chat with mother nature and if y'all could work work a little something out between the hours of 9am and noon it would be greatly appreciated.

By the way, I bougth new running shoes yesterday. I would never recommend running a race in brand new shoes, but my last couple of runs left my feet felling poorly. Generally after running 10 plus miles your feet may feel some kinda way, but after taking a look at the inside of my shoes I knew exactly why my dogs were barking. The arch of the shoes was breaking down, or should we say they were broken. There were holes in the inner lining of the shoe where the fabric had worn away, exposing the plastic frame work. Mind you, I only use my running shoes for running...I don't wear them at any other time, so I have been putting some serous miles on those bad boys lately. Anyway, the 10K tomorrow will give me a chance to break them in. This morning I walked 2 miles at a 6% incline at 3.5mph and they felt fine. The 10K will be a nice run for me and the new shoes to become acquainted.


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