Thursday, January 1, 2009

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Thursday, January 1, 2009
The Flirty 40s is about life, love, health and fashion. We're finally grown-ups and ready to be Flirty, Forty and Fabulous!

Nikki (aka The Flirty 40s)

Where do I start…40 is knocking on my front door and I ain't so sure about letting her in, but I think it’s best I welcome Ms. 40 with open arms and that’s just what I plan to do!

Life has thrown me a few curve balls, but I keep rolling! I partied a whole lot in college (how I met Donna & La Juana) and had a funky good time!! I kicked off my career as a broadcast journalist (which is how I met Tom) and moved around a bit too much for my liking in that field (shit gets old). For some reason I got the bright idea to go to law school and here I sit an attorney with a shit load of student loan debut…hee hee

I've been engaged (but not married), married then divorced and now married again…seems many of us like to invest in what some call a starter marriage…lol I have 2 bad ass… I mean lovely kids and a tall glass of strawberry milk by my side.

I've picked up a few partners in crime (Betsy & Tracye) along the way, some of whom share my enthusiasm for cocktails and talking bullshit. I have to admit that I have a potty mouth (which you will discover from reading any of my post), but it’s all in good fun, and let’s face it...sometimes swear words sum everything up so nicely.

So my question is how did we get to be 40…ish crept up on us. Anyway, I think we are all damn spectacular, so lets share with everyone else how we rock being 40 and FABULOUS!!

Born and raised in Deep South Texas, Tom is an award-winning broadcast journalist who spent eight years working in television news throughout the country.

In recent years, Tom has lived in Los Angeles and New York City and worked in marketing/promotions at Architectural Digest, In Touch Weekly and LATINA Magazine.

Tom and his partner recently relocated to the Tampa Bay area, where he’s trying his hardest to remember the importance of using SPF 30 moisturizer! Tom’s hobbies and interests include: movies, music, television, travel, beauty news & trends and shopping.

La Juana (aka Stylista Steals)

La Juana is a single (never married), not-quite-40 (but quickly approaching) mother and software development consultant for a fortune 500 company.

In her "spare time", she has hosted an internet radio show and accompanying blog, is an Emerging Leader with the local United Way, and currently writes a fashion blog called Stylista Steals.


Born in Green Bay and raised in a tiny rural suburb in the area, Donna moved to the “big city” of Minneapolis to attend college. Twenty + years later, she has had an eclectic mix of experiences and is looking forward to the adventures of the next 40 years.

Donna knew at age 7 that her calling was graphic design and ran her own design company for 12 years. After spending a couple years working in state politics, she now enjoys her “regular job” as an executive assistant in law enforcement administration (events like the I35W bridge collapse keeps things reeeeally interesting!)

After being the first of the college friends to marry, Donna is single again – and wasting no time catching up all the good things in life she had been missing. She spends her well-earned free time traveling, drinking wine, following politics, sleeping late, reading American history, strengthening relationships with family and cherished friends, enjoying the company of her new sweetheart, learning Italian and supporting the United States Military which keeps our country FREE.


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