Friday, June 19, 2009

Instyler, the rotating flat iron - Review and Demos

Friday, June 19, 2009 0

I’m sure you’ve seen the infomercial for the Instyler. In a moment of weakness I caved to my late night hair product cravings and purchased the Instyler online.

What I Like:
  1. It is a nice, substantial piece of equipment, not at all cheap feeling. We’ve all been burned before…buying something online only to have it arrive and be a piece of crap.

  2. It comes with a carrying pouch & special comb.

  3. There was an option to order the quick heating model, which of course I did.

  4. It has variable heat settings.

  5. There is a BOGO special, two for the price of one. I couldn’t resist.

  6. The brushes are pretty great, they really work to help smooth the hair before and after the rotating iron makes contact.

What I Don't Like:

  1. It claims to be able to be used on wet hair. I tried it on my wet hair; it didn’t dry my hair, just boiled the water on it. I have an ION wet/dry flat iron that is AMAZING. NOTE: If a flat iron does not have vents for the steam to escape, it is NOT FOR USE ON WET HAIR. Without the vents, it is frying and damaging your hair.

  2. After using it (wet or dry), my hair seemed to be in worse condition. I even tried different heat settings, with no better results.

  3. It took me a few tries to figure out that it works better when I made sure that I was holding the iron so that it rotates in the direction that the hair grows. Otherwise, it was slightly teasing my hair…this is not noted in the directions, and makes for awkward positioning depending on the section of hair you are ironing.


I did not like the Instyler. I think I will stick with my ION wet/dry flat iron, and rollers. On the flip side, my 12 year old daughter likes it…guess I’ll give the extra one to one of her friends.

The Instyler can be purchased at

Also, you can see other reviews of this product in the Stylista Steals YouTube Playlist!

Smart Shopping Stylistas!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things Married People Take for Granted

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 0
I have never been married, never really thought of myself as the marrying type. So, being the single woman that I am (for as long as I have been), I have come to greatly appreciate the perks of not being hitched...

  • I don't have to call and let someone know where I am, or when I'll be home.
  • I don't have to pick up after another grown ass person
  • When it comes to purchases, I only have to consult with my bank account
  • I don't have to look at the same person everyday FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. I've often imagined being married and waking up one day, saying "damn, you're still here?"
  • And on, and on, and on.....
The list is endless...but then I started thinking...there MUST be perks to being married or in a long-term relationship. And although I had to think long and hard about it, I was able to come up with a few things that I would appreciate about being married, things that those who are married certainly take for granted:

  • Sex...captive and at-the-ready
This had to be at the top of the list. There's nothing like a long, dry spell with no promising prospects to put the luxury of having regular sex into perspective. Let's face it, really good sex has the ability to change your day. Ladies & Gents, if you have someone at home who always wants to have sex, and they don't completely repulse you...don't hate, appreciate!

  • Shared responsibility
I recently hired a housekeeper (and I'm more than happy to pay to have that responsibility shared), it would really be nice to have someone around share the bills, travel expenses, school activity drop-offs and pick-ups...etc. I am only one person even though, like many other single moms, I'm great a faking like I'm at least 3 or 4 people.

  • Someone to help you remember things
"Honey, can you help me remember (fill in the blank)". I could be so much more productive if I had someone to refresh my memory, my kid is truly useless for this purpose.

  • Someone to lie to you
"Baby, I LOVE your new haircut"..."Of course that doesn't make you look fat"..." You haven't aged a day since we met". HAHAHAHA...ALL LIES, but I would get married tomorrow to hear those lies everyday. Once you walk out of the door of your house, the cold, harsh world is out there and you can't mistake those crazy looks upside your head for anything other than what they are.

  • Guaranteed date to weddings, plays, parties, etc.
Currently I have 3 options:

1. pick from my current available pool...umm yeah, if any of them were worth it there wouldn't be a pool
2. meet someone new with whom I would actually want to spend that kind of time
3. go alone

Let's just say that it would be nice if the only decision I had to make for a big event was which pair of heels to wear.

  • Stay-at-home Handyman/Spider Killer
You don't know how much I would appreciate this! Knowing that when the lightbulb in the stairway went out it would be changed sometime before my father came to visit...priceless. And the value of a spider free home...that's worth more lovin' than my partner could handle!!

Use the comment section to tell us what you think married people take for granted. Have you taken things for granted in your relationship?

Monday, June 15, 2009

WTF...When Did Vegas Become So DAMN Expensive???

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Hey folks...word to the wise, never launch a blog the day after you return from vacation! My butt is TIRED, but I'm going to post a little something anyway.

I have been to Vegas on 2 other occasions, once staying at MGM Grand and later at the Bellagio...this time around I stayed at Mandalay Bay. My question is when in the hell did Vegas become so damn expensive? Last time I checked we were in a recession so I would think there should have been deals galore, but not so much.

I will confess that until my most recent trip, it had been about 6 years since my last Vegas stay, but prices there have gotten out of hand. Our hotel and flight were reasonable, but drinks and food in Sin City were obnoxious!

Vegas has gone all fancy with all of the hotels having various restaurants fronted by top name chefs like Emeril, Bobby Flay, and the Too Hot Tomales. The problem is most of them are over priced with mediocre food at best. For the record I don't have problem forking over major bucks when I know I am about to feast on a wonderful meal, but that didn't happen...Instead my husband I would look at each other when the bill arrived and the conversations went something like this:
Me: OMG...that appetizer was 16 bucks...we only got one fricking crab cake!

Strawberry Man: this is crap, are they serious...I can't believe this bill. It wasn't like this was a stellar meal.

Me: told you we should have gone to the damn buffet..same food and I could have gotten ice cream at the dessert bar!

Strawberry Man: I don't like cheap buffets!

Me: Trust me a Vegas buffet is not like Old Country Buffet, plus you ain't roll'in like Donald Trump.

Strawberry Man: To be honest this meal wasn't much better than OCB and what do you mean I'm not Donald Trump...I'm a young up and comer!

Me: WHATEVER. Let's pay the bill and roll out so we can go loose some of your up and comer cash at the high stakes table.

Here is the low down folks. Drinks on average were running about $12-$15 per cocktail. Appetizer averaged about $15, but the problem here is that the appetizers were created for 1 person. Case in point the crab cake appetizer for 16 bucks with 1 lone average sized crab cake on the plate. Most meals were à la carte. For instance, I had a $38 piece of sea bass which arrived on the plate very lonely. The spicy green beans (so my sea bass would have some company on the plate) were extra at a cost of $12. Are you getting my drift??? Shit was ridiculous!!!

Folks the short story is that Vegas on the cheap really isn't and option any more these days. If you are planing on heading to the desert anytime soon be prepared to shell out some bucks, or keep your broke ass home!
OH OH...I can't forget this was classic. So we are at the pool and our hotel has a "lazy river" where you hop on an inner tube and a slow moving current takes you around in a meandering circle. Cost of the inner tube...can I get a drum roll please...................$26 per tube. We were suckers and paid the total of 52 bucks for 2 tubes...but can you say "WTF!!!"



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