Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lush's Aromacreme Deodorant

Thursday, July 2, 2009
This is a prime example of why free samples are so important!! When I received my order from Lush Cosmetics they threw in a few freebies, one of which was a deodorant. I should start off by saying that as a general rule I don't like my deodorant to smell like anything...I have no desire to walk around smelling like baby powder or some odd mountain fresh scent. I should also mention that I am what I call a "stinky girl!" My sweat stinks! There is no such thing as a two day deodorant for me. If I were to go two days without showering my pitts would be ripe...hell I would be down right funky. When I wash my tops, tee's and blouses, I add a cup of white vinegar or baking soda to the laundry to ensure that no residual funk lingers and that the armpit area on my shirts don't turn yellow. I digress, but I thought that you should know that I take deodorant and underarms VERY SERIOUSLY!
Anyway the nice folks at Lush sent me a sample of their Aromacreme Deodorant. My main problem with this deodorant is that it is just to damn fragrant for my taste...note the product description:
Neutralizes odors with absorbent, micro fine scented powders. Aromacreme solid deodorant is a beautiful combination of micro fine powders in a moisturizing almond oil and shea butter base. It not only perfumes your armpits with exquisite flowers and neutralizes odors with absorbent powders, but it keeps your armpits soft and supple too. Take a small blob and stroke it onto dry underarms. It sticks, stays, and makes you smell lovely.

First let me give it its props...a little of this stuff goes a long way and for those of you who are concerned with having soft and supple armpits, this stuff is a keeper thanks to the shea butter and almond oil.
As a stinky girl my primary goal is to have my deodorant fight odor and this stuff will do just that, but its scent is way to over powering for me. You should not...I repeat NOT wear any other fragrance when wearing this's that damn pungent. I smelled like this deodorant all damn day! I could actually smell the floral fragrance of my armpits and the scent was not one I would have personally chosen as a primary fragrance and this deodorant acts as a primary fragrance!

The sample I got was enough for 3 applications...maybe even 4, and yes I wore the deodorant on 3 separate occasions. First because I am cheap and not going to waste perfectly good deodorant and second because I wanted to be fair in my review. For those of you who like heavy scented lotions, body butters and perfumes, you will love this stuff...otherwise I would say you should pass on this product. The good news is that you can go into a Lush Store or a Lush Counter and get a sample before committing to the $11.25 price tag for 3.5 ounces.


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