Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Questions Every Stylista Looking for a Steal Must Ask Herself

Tuesday, June 30, 2009
Before you make that next purchase, there are a few things you MUST ask yourself. The savvy stylista NEVER buys before thinking and is ALWAYS in control of her coins!

  • Can I REALLY afford this?

I once had a friend tell me that she only buys something if she can afford to pay for it TWICE WITH CASH...and still maintain her current standard of living. She applied that theory to handbags, shoes, her car, her condo...everything. Look ladies, if you have to eat Mac & Cheese for the next 2 weeks because you bought a pair of Jimmy Choos...guess what, you couldn't afford it!! Take a lesson from Sex and the City. Before Carrie landed her book deal, she had closet full of fabulous clothes...and not much else. Unless you're creating the next great collection of American short stories, let's try not to end up borrowing money from friends to satisfy your shopping addiction.

  • Why am I paying full price for this?
In this economy there aren't a whole lot of reasons to pay full price for anything. In ANY economy, you should only pay full price for the following items (and only if you have no other choice):
  1. Skin Care & Makeup

  2. Jeans that ACTUALLY fit

  3. Any item that will be a staple in your wardrobe: Black Suit, Little Black Dress, Crisp White Shirt, Classic Black Pumps, etc.

  4. Hair Care

  • Before you buy anything you have to ask yourself the following three questions in this order:
  1. Am I buying this because it looks good on HER?

  2. Am I buying this because it looks good on me?

  3. Am I buying this because it's the new, hot trend?
If your answer to #1 is yes...I BEG of you, PLEASE make sure your answer to #2 is also yes. Not everything was made to look good on everybody. If your answer to #3 is yes, you'd better not be paying full price!

  • Why am I buying this fake ass handbag?
If you have to buy a knockoff, please scroll to the top of this post and see the first question you should be asking yourself. Don't settle for fake! If the label is important to you, save for the real thing!

  • What will happen if I don't buy this RIGHT NOW?
Ummmm...children will not die if you don't buy that scarf. In fact, you'll probably just end up wearing something you already own that's just as cute. Just like buying a car, always make sure to maintain your "walk away" power.

The moral of the story is...think before you buy. If your wardrobe is worth more than your house, you have a problem.


tnt5150 said...

Amen!! You can't afford shit if you got to charge it and can't pay the bill off in full when it comes!!!

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