Monday, October 5, 2009

Fashion, Technology and the Savvy Stylista

Monday, October 5, 2009

True Stylistas are always ahead of the fashion curve, never followers, always trendsetters. But what about the technology curve? Being the technology geek that I am, I’ve learned a few things about being an early adopter, and although there are some similarities, there are also some major differences…

Ahead of the Fashion Curve
  • You may be out of a few hundred bucks when the season is over.
  • People may say they don't like it at first, but give it a year, they will all be wearing it.
  • The firsts are always the best, everything else is a cheap or watered down copy.
  • Being known as fashion forward is hot!
Ahead of the Technology Curve
  • Depending on the item, you may be out of a few THOUSAND bucks when the upgraded version comes out in Jan...but, you just have to buy the new one, right?
  • Everyone will be envious at first, but it will suck when their patience pays off and they get 2.0 instead of 1.0 - “Really, YOUR IPod touch doesn’t have a speaker?”
  • The firsts are rarely the best, they’re almost all like beta versions of what’s to come.
  • Being known as the chick who gets a new mobile phone or IPod every 3-6 months is not okay…there must be better ways to spend money.  (this is sooo me!)
In my experience, being ahead of the technology curve only pays off for the few months before the companies release the next, hottest thing…But being an early fashion adopter ALMOST ALWAYS PAYS OFF!

Smart Shopping Stylistas!


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