Monday, October 19, 2009

Dreams Do Come True - Gemini Magazine Here I Come!

Monday, October 19, 2009
A couple of weeks ago I was looking for a new and different website to show on our Sites We Love feature.  Not having much time to scour the web, I decided to put my Twitter followers to work.  Not long after sending a tweet asking if anyone knew of a site I should write about, @GeminiMag responded asking if online magazines would qualify.

Curious about what this magazine would have to offer that is different than every other woman's magazine, I said "of course".  @GeminiMag promptly sent me the password for the current issue and I proceeded to read.

What I found excited and intrigued me, I immediately started writing the feature found here.

The next day, @GeminiMag (who is Sommer J, founder and publisher of Gemini Magazine) read my post and sent me a direct message letting me know how much she loved it.  She asked if I would like to write an article for Gemini Magazine's upcoming issue...


Of course, I tried to be a bit more professional in my response to her, yet still wanted to convey my excitement regarding the project.  Sommer then had the magazine's Fashion Editor, Rocky Grate (@PlusModelRocky) email was all happening so fast!

After submitting my article, I received an email from Sommer saying how much she loved it, and that both she and Rocky agreed they needed to have me on board as a staff writer.

WTH was going on?!  How did a feature for my little fashion blog turn into this?!

Dreams do come true, I have always dreamed of opening a magazine and seeing my name connected to an article, or looking on the inside flap of a book and seeing my picture and bio there.  Having my words resonate with someone, make them laugh, question society, or just see a little bit of themselves in what I have written...that is what has always brought me the greatest joy.

I love to write and have been writing for years.  And now I get to do it "officially"!

So, can I call myself a writer now?  LOL

Special thanks to Sommer Johnson (@GeminiMag) and Rocky Grate (@PlusModelRocky) for allowing me the opportunity live my dream.

Catch my first article in the upcoming issue of Gemini Magazine!  YEAH!

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