Monday, July 20, 2009

Why Do Couples Really Get Divorced?

Monday, July 20, 2009
I recently came across a list proclaiming the top 10 reasons why people get divorced. At number 1 was "infedelity" I had to laugh at this, becasue we all know (at least any lawyer that has ever handled a family law case) that folks don't get divorced becuase their partner cheated...they get divorced because of money!

Both men and women alike would have you think that if their spouse cheated on them that they would be out the door, but that just isn't the case. Kids, mortages, joint debt, security...these are just a few of the reason why folks don't get divorced because a spouse cheated.

Divorce can be expensive for those who have been married for sometime and have actually accumlated savings, 401K plans, vacation property, and a home. Bottome line is that we as human beings don't walk away from perceived security eaisly, even if our man is going around poking another chick!

What we do care about is if he is poking another woman and the bills aren't paid. Money is the root of all evil some say and it is most definitely the root of divorce, and not infidelity. It's a lot easier to leave someone when the money is funny. The number 1 thing couples fight about is finances. Being broke ain't fun and misery does not like company when the bank account is empty. Now money woes can certainly lead to infidelity in a marriage but the root is still cash.

So the next time you hear folks talking about what they will and will not put up with from their spouse, know this...they will put up with a lot more than they will lead you to believe as long as the bills are paid!


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