Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Fitness...Run Nikki Run!!

Friday, July 17, 2009
I'm a lottery winner! I won a spot in the Twin Cities Marathon 10 mile run scheduled for October 4, 2009. I will officially start training for the run on Monday, so wish me luck! I am hoping to get fit, cross the finish line and reclaim all those size 8's in my closet.

I have decided to be honest and upfront with my battle against the baby weight and I will give updates about my weight loos, as well as progress on my training for the 10 miler, and yes I will include pictures of my fat ass and hopefully we can all watch it shrink...LMAO

My first update will be July 31...complete with pictures! My plan is to wear the same outfit each time I do a progress report so we can see the changes in my body better. Heck, I may even put on some of my "size 8"fitness gear...that way we can really, really see me shrink. Let me say ahead of time that these pictures will be foul (i will have to stuff myself in to a size 8 with muffin top and all spilling over) and only intended to humiliate myself into success and encourage others.

Again, let make the commitment to ourselves to be fit and the best that each of us can be.

Stay Tuned!


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