Monday, July 13, 2009

Dreamy Skin from LUSH Cosmetics

Monday, July 13, 2009
If you suffer from dry skin, eczema, or problem skin, I've got just the cure for you...but it's gonna cost you! Lush Cosmetics will clear up your skin and leave it baby soft with a one, two punch. Punch number 1...hop in the shower and slather Lush's Dream Wash Shower Smoothie all over your body. The cream has the consistency of pudding and it really doesn't take much to cover your entire body so an 8.8 ounce package of the stuff will last you a long time, and that's a good thing considering the price...$18.55. But beware, if it's lather you are looking for you won't find it in this "body wash." It cleanses wonderfully without actually lathering. Here's the product description:

Herbal and softly floral body wash gives troubled skin a break. In your dreams you have perfect skin: soft, smooth, with no bumps or flakes. We're usually born this way, but achieving baby-soft skin later in life often requires a bit of help. If scaliness, breakouts or dullness are a problem, try this cleansing smoothie to help restore your skin's beauty. Loaded with beneficial essential oils like lavender and chamomile, this fragrant shower cleanser gently but effectively alleviates your skin's worst problems.

This stuff is true to its product description and a definite keeper if you have problem skin or if you are like me and your skin begs for more in the dry winter months. I will say that the smell is more herbal than flowery...almost a bit medicinal, so some of you may be a bit turned off by that, but the product does rinse clean in the shower so the smell doesn't really stay with you.

Punch number 2...Dream Cream Body Cream. Now this stuff definitely has a herbal/medicinal like smell and because it's a cream the smell will linger with you for a bit. I suggest using this stuff at bedtime if you don't want to smell a bit like an old lady. My daughter has eczema and this stuff has worked its magic on her skin! Here's the product description:

Light and herbal body cream miraculously restores sore skin. We take every natural ingredient aimed at transforming dry, bumpy and unhappy skin and combine them all into an epidermal elixir of excellence. This moisturizer helps you banish alligator elbows and impress that special someone with your baby-soft skin. Use a small dollop every night before bed and find your skin silky and comforted within days.

This stuff is the TRUTH and I will gladly pay the outrageous price of $22.55 for 8.4 ounces of the Dream Cream anytime!! Again so y'all know I actually use this's my stash!


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