Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm so sick! (cough, cough)

Monday, October 26, 2009

OMG, I am so daughter recently got over pneumonia and bronchitis and now I have the flu.

I think I jinxed myself by telling someone "Mother's aren't allowed to get sick, we don't have that luxury"...well, the joke is on me, because I am ill!

But what if I did get too sick, too sick to take my daughter to school, or pick her up, or take her to after school programs? What would I do? I guess Mothers are allowed to get sick, just not TOO sick.

To this day we have no idea when my mother is sick or in any real pain. She's spent so many years taking care of everyone else, that she's learned to mask her pain.

My mother was lying in the hospital after a hysterectomy (with NO PAIN KILLERS), and when asked if she was in any pain her response, "just a little discomfort". Ummm, MOM, they just removed your uterus, you don't have any pain relief, and all you feel is a 'little discomfort'? Either ma is a soldier FOR REAL, or she's just learned that her pain doesn't exist.

I swear to you, the day after she was released from the hospital, she was rearranging the living room furniture...nuts!

I've decided that my pain is real, my throat really hurts, my chest is really congested and my body truly aches...I am going to be a big baby about it, and someone's going take care of me...dammit!

Any volunteers? LOL


TheFlirty40's said... are right, you are allowed to be sick, just not too sick. But be happy your mini me is older...she can manage on her own to a certain extent. Better get your butt some airbourne and echinacea tea!!

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