Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Little Sippy Sippy

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This is my favorite drink. Possibly my most favorite drink ever! It's called an Asian Pear Cosmo and they serve them up in the Twin Cities at the Westin Hotel. I love this hotel by the way, if you are ever visiting Minneapolis check it out...it's located downtown and is the perfect blend of comfortableness and chic. Sidebar....Tom and Ben stayed there a few years back when they were passing through and they loved it too.

Now back to my "drank." This sucker is strong yet refreshing. It's made with pear vodka and Asian pear puree that the chef whips up fresh daily...for this reason, once the puree is gone it's gone until the next day when the chef makes a new batch. Those are the ingredients folks..no fillers! It's great in summer or winter because it's refreshing but has the crispness that I generally associate with colder months. And if you have ever had an Asian Pear you know that they have more texture to them than a traditional say Bartlett pear and some would say a different taste as well.

The cost is $10 bucks a pop, so your bar tab will add up quick but they are so damn good.
One more note about the Westin Hotel here...it use to be a bank (built in 1941), so the bank vault is now the wine cellar. The bank's old conference rooms and offices are now private dining areas. It's really a very lovely and cool hotel.


Anonymous said...

Girl, the Westin is my shit! I love that hotel. I can't tell you how many times I stayed at the very one in Minneapolis. It had gotten to bad the the doorman started calling me by name. I knew at that point it had gotten out of control.

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