Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Commit to be Fit in 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I had my last child in April of 2008 and my body has not been the same since. Basically I’m fat. Now what is fat to one person may not be fat to another so I’m not talking about anyone but myself here, and to me I'm fat! I had always worked out in the past, to keep fit and stay in shape. I actually love food, so to maintain my weight, working out was a MUST for me.
Since having Kendall I just haven’t had the time or energy to get back in the swing of things with my workout routine…it always seems like something needs to be done and when nothing is on the agenda I just want to veg-out on the sofa.
I do not like thing to be out of order...maybe that makes me a control freak, but I like order in my life…it keeps me on the straight and narrow with all thinks, including fitness. I don’t like clutter in my home or in my life. I can’t stand no dirty ass house (I can’t relax in a mess) and lets just say there is a difference of opinion on what constitutes dirty between the adults in my home and one of those adults think they ain't gotta clean up…WTF?? I’m gonna go ahead and call the other adult out...he nasty y’all! His mama ain't raise him right…messy is one thing and nasty is another. I can deal with messy cuz I have 2 kids but nasty ain't ok. You can’t be sleeping on sheets for weeks on end or never cleaning up a bathroom to the point where black mildew is growing….we are getting a maid once a month from now on cuz I am not going to be the only person taking care of the household, but I digress and have gotten myself all worked up but I know some of y’all know what I’m talking about….now back to fitness.
I thrive on routine and when things are out of whack everything falls apart…hence part of the reason for my fatness. I’m not going to tell y’all exactly how much I weigh, but I sure ass hell can’t fit into all those size 8’s in my closet. So today I am making a commitment to get fit, to put myself first and my fitness first and stop worrying about other crap. Once a week I will check in with everyone and let you know how I am doing on my fitness journey. I promise at the end to tell you just how big my fat ass had gotten and share before and after pictures. If you want to join me feel free…I will need all the support I can get in an effort to get my butt up at 5am to work out, but I’m going to do it for ME!! Just trying to be the best I can be and I know I can do better than what I'm doing!



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