Monday, January 11, 2010

Rules of Attraction

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mental attraction is a powerful thing in my opinion. To be mentally attracted to someone is an entirely different ball game when compared to physical attraction. Mental attraction can transcend physical attraction…heck in my opinion it is far greater than physical attraction. The mind, heart, spirit and soul of this other human being is so deeply connected to you that they are the most beautiful/handsome creature on the earth and a few extra pounds nor the wrinkles of time can change that…it is greater than purely physical attraction.

To be in love with someone mentally…to have decades pass since your last face to face encounter with this person, but to love them madly and deeply because they connect with your mind…it’s like a Vulcan mind trick that cant be explained.

To have a connection so strong that time nor circumstances can shatter. An existence with another human being that is “easy.” Unfortunately for most of us being “easy” with another person is not easy at all. If you know what I mean when I refer to being “easy” then consider yourself lucky to have been in a relationship where the two of you were simply “easy”.

I hold and prize mental attraction above all others because physical attraction usually follows, creating a bond like no other. A bond that can never be tarnished or gilded by years…a bond that immaturity and hard headedness at last recognizes.

Simply put:

He is my Beloved, I love Him passionately and I am His. He loves me like no man ever could, deep in my inner being where soul and spirit meet. He holds my soul in His hand and protects it from the harshness of this world. I wish you too could feel His Passion and oh if you could just smell His garments you’re heart would melt. His eyes are like pools of water and my heart leaps to hear His footsteps. His shoulders are broad and His heartbeat steady as i lay my head on His Breast and smell the clothing steeped in His scent. His words are whispers, heavy with love and i desire Him. The soft gentle light forces the darkness away and ushers in the silence filled with anticipation. His lips brush against mine, His mouth tastes sweet and i am consumed with passion for Him. I am my Beloved’s and Beloved is mine.


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