Tuesday, November 24, 2009

If You Stay Ready...You Ain't Never Got to Get Ready

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

As the New Year quickly approaches, I have begun to reevaluate my health and fitness. I will turn the big 4-0 in 2010 and if I want to continue to look fabulous into my 50’s and 60’s I will need to take a good hard look at my health, nutrition and fitness. Don’t get me wrong it is not my goal to be a size 4, but I know what an acceptable weight is for me, where I fell and looks my best. The ideal number on the scale or jean size will be different for all of us, but it’s important that we all eat right, exercise, and take care of our skin and hair so that we can approach the next 40 years with fierceness!!

The comedienne Mo’nique has a saying “If you stay ready, you ain’t got to get ready.” I have found these to be words to live by in recent months, and she is 100% correct. If you make fitness and health a priority you don’t have to scramble before that Hawaiian vacation to try and loose 20 pounds to be at the weight you know you should be. If you floss at least once a day you don’t have to freak out when you realize your dentist appoint is a month away and you haven’t flossed in the last three months. If you get off your butt and do some type of exercise 3 to 4 times a week for at least 20-30 minutes, you won’t feel so sluggish and run down.

We are all busy with work, friends and family, but we have to make sure to take care of ourselves or there will be none of us to share with other if we are spent. And speaking of friends…we have got to stay connected!! Spending time with your divas and divos is a MUST! Kicking back and laughing and having fun…hell just plain getting out of the house is what we need to do to recharge our batteries.

I say all of this because I have fallen into the same traps, but I am making a commitment to eating well, exercising, taking care of my skin, hair and nails, spending time with my girls! My goal is to “stay ready, so I ain’t never got to get ready!” Don’t get me wrong I like to indulge in meals out, cocktails, sweet treats, buttered popcorn at the movies…LOL I will still do all these thing, but moderation is key. If I eat well and exercise all week there is nothing wrong indulging 1 night. Now this is not carte blanche to eat yourself sick, but go ahead and have dessert or order that steak, because you have being doing everything all week to stay ready, so come Saturday night you ARE ready.

I hope to post more about health, fitness and nutrition. The bottom line is, if we are eating well, exercising and drinking plenty of water, our hair skin and nails will look great because we are taking care of our bodies from the inside.

I don’t know about y’all but I’m gonna take Mo’nique’s advice and “stay ready!”


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